March 2018 Go Baby Go Birmingham AlabamaMarch 2018 Go Baby Go Birmingham AlabamaMarch 2018 Go Baby Go Birmingham AlabamaMarch 2018 Go Baby Go Birmingham AlabamaMarch 2018 Go Baby Go Birmingham Alabama

What is GoBabyGo?

GoBabyGo (GBG) is a community-based outreach program that works with families, clinicians, engineers, students, and volunteers to provide pediatric equipment for kids with limited mobility. In the Birmingham area, this includes Children’s of Alabama therapists, UAB and Samford students, UAB engineers, and support from countless community members.

The primary mission of GBG is to provide modified ride-on cars to these children to use as a powered mobility device for fun, function, and exploration. Research shows allowing kids the chance to play and explore their environment with cars (like the ones adapted by GBG) help shape their skills and experiences later in life.

The program began in 2012 with founder Dr. Cole Galloway, PT, PhD at the University of Delaware. Integrating assistive technology, families, clinicians, and community partners, the program provides children with mobility limitations the opportunity for movement, mobility and socialization, and has been expanding ever since its conception. Sam Logan, PhD, took GBG to Oregon State University (OSU) in 2014 and it began spreading far and wide. In 2017, GBG made its way south with UAB DPT alum Kate Stribling, PT, DPT, PCS. The first Birmingham build was held that July.

Since then, the GBG BHM organization was formed and the second build was hosted in March 2018. The third build is planned for August 4th, and the fourth will be held in December. Stayed tuned to our website for updates and check the calendar for upcoming events!

Why is Mobility so Important?

Mobility in children is not just about getting from one place to the next, it is also about exploring the world in a way that allows for independence and healthy brain development. Currently, there are no commercially available devices for young children with mobility limitations to get around on their own; power wheelchairs usually aren’t an option until age 5.

These cars are important because they give children control over their mobility, which research has shown leads to developmental gains in motor skills, cognition, language, and social skills.

Who Are Our Members?

  • Families and children with disabilities
  • Community therapists, engineers, students
  • Local business sponsors and partners
  • Volunteers

Want to Get Involved?

Are you a parent looking for an active and engaging experience to share with your kids? Are you a student looking to be involved in your community? Do you just love kids and/or volunteering? If you’re interested in helping with an upcoming event, you can apply here.

Would My Child Benefit from a GoBabyGo Car?

Children appropriate for a GBG car are those with delays in mobility, or children with intellectual and/or sensory impairments.  The cars are weight tested to 55lbs, making them safe for kids ages 6 months to 5 or 6 years.

Interested in applying for a modified ride-on car? Please fill out the application here so we can learn more about your child or patient’s needs. The process is pretty simple for obtaining a car. Once your application is approved, we work to communicate with you and your child’s therapists to plan a car that is individualized to your child/patient’s unique needs. You will then be invited to attend one of our quarterly builds where the car will be adapted and you can take your car home.

How is GoBabyGo Funded?

GoBabyGo is a 100% donation-funded program. The therapists, volunteers, and community supporters make this program possible. If you’re considering donating to GBG BHM, please visit the donation page here. We accept both financial and material donations. Most material donations are items that can be found at your local hardware or toy store (i.e., PVC pipes, pool noodles, kickboards, heavy duty velcro, stickers to decorate cars) and a list of materials can be provided upon request. Thank you for considering support of this program!